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Why join the Chamber?

The Willcox Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture is the main voice of the region's business community.


With a diverse board of local businesses from multiple sectors in the regional economy, participation in the Chamber means access to combined decades of business experience.


The Chamber hosts social networking events, business training, and monthly board meetings. The Chamber also works closely with the City government to keep in touch with changes and to support the interests of the business community.


What's the price of membership?

1-5 employees* **: $150

6-15: $185

16-49: $335

50-99: $435

100 or more: $510

Associate***: $135

Couple: $90

Individual****: $60

Nonprofit: $60



Is the price of membership prorated?

The membership year is from January 1st to December 31st. Fees are prorated as follows:

January to March: 100%
April to June: 75%
July to August: 50%
September to October: 30%
November to December: 15% plus next year's dues

To pay, please send cash or check to:

PO Box 32
Willcox, AZ



I want to do more for the Chamber. Can I volunteer to increase my dues?

Our platinum, gold, silver, bronze, and copper sponsors provide additional support to the Chamber by voluntarily increasing their annual dues. These special members receive recognition on our website and our promotional materials if they wish. This is an additional amount added to the cost of membership.

Copper Membership: $50-$249

Bronze Membership: $250-$999

Silver Membership: $1,000-$1,999

Platinum Membership: $3,000+

*Total number of employees is based on full time equivalents, not including seasonal workers. (Two part time employees = one full time employee).

**"Business members" shall be any person, firm, association, corporation, partnership, or other business entity having an active business interest in Willcox and its vicinity; to include entities whose principle occupation is that of producing agricultural products for the market.


***"Associate members" shall be any person, firm, or organization doing business in Willcox and its vicinity that does not maintain an office or place of business in the Willcox area.

****"Individual members or non-profit organizations" shall be any person, civic, or religious organization not fitting in any other membership category that desires to support the objectives of this organization.

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