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Wine Tasting

Willcox is in a wine grape growing region growing more than 75% of Arizona's grapes. It is a hub for over 30 vineyards, wineries, and tasting rooms. Many regionally recognized wine events are hosted here including the Spring and Fall Willcox Wine Festivals.


Chiricahua National Monument

The Chiricahua National Monument contains large volcanic rocks eroded into spiral like pinnacles called hoodoos within the Wonderland of Rocks. It's home to an interesting variety of vegetation, amazing wildlife species, and various hiking trials. It's also a great spot for camping, hiking, and bird watching.



Explore Willcox's 130+ year long history through our local museums: Rex Allen Museum, Amerind Museum, and Chiricahua Regional Museum. Learn about the historical figures that made Willcox what it is today.


Apple Annie's Orchard

  Family-owned farming operation that grows and sells vegetable and fruit crops with a 'you-pick' orchard so you pay for whatever you pick. You may also participate in their corn-tastic corn maze or shop at their country store (open year round). Apple Annie's orchard is only open seasonally from July - October.


Willcox Theater & Arts

Willcox Theater & Arts is home to arts, entertainment and creative opportunities for Willcox. They show the latest films in their historic theater and hold art and STEAM workshops, video production, and graphic design services in their creative studio. Check out upcoming events on their event calendar


Coronado Dairy

Coronado Dairy is one of Riverview's many dairy farms in the United States. The farm hosts free weekday tours educating people on the day-to-day farm operations and how their milk is produced. You can even touch the cows. Their vans hold up to 14 people. Contact them by phone (970) 217-6116 or email to make an appointment.


Lee's Pecans

Lee's Pecan's is a husband and wife owned and operated farm that harvests and sell pecans. You may contact Jackie Lee to schedule a free 20 minute to an hour tour of their orchard to learn about their daily operations and try samples of their fresh pecans.


Historic Sites

Willcox is home to a few sites that contain a piece of it's history. Fort Bowie Historic National Site, Historic Schwertner House, Old Pioneer Cemetery, and Warren Earp's tombstone and grave are a few of the historic sites here.


Antique Shopping

Looking to buy or collect antiques? Some of Willcox' vintage, artifacts, and antique shops include Friendly Bookstore, Bear's Vintage, Buffalo Sisters Trading Post, and Willcox Traders.


Willcox playa

The vast Willcox Playa remains relatively dry year round unless there is heavy rain. A section of the playa has been used as a bombing range by the U.S. military. The playa can be used for off-roading, camping, jogging, bird watching, paragliding and more.


Bird Watching

Willcox Playa's dry bed lake is home for thousands of sandhill cranes and other birds during the winter when it's filled with rainwater. There is a public crane observatory north of the lake. Wings Over Willcox is an annual birding tour festival held during MLK weekend.


Twin Lakes Golf Course

Twin Lakes Golf Course offers a driving range, putting green, and great round of golf! Twin Lakes can accommodate large groups. You may browse their Pro Shop for a souvenir, gear, club rentals, or to grab a snack.

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